Break Free from Codependency and Finally Experience Healthy, Fulfilling Relationships

Do you find yourself constantly putting your partner’s needs before your own?

Do you struggle with poor boundaries and feel depleted in your relationship?

Are you losing intimacy, feel resigned to thinking “is this it” or feeling trapped?

You are not alone.

Many women fall into unhealthy codependent patterns due to childhood conditioning, cultural norms, low self-worth and more.

The good news is you can break free!

This self-paced audio course will give you a step-by-step blueprint to:

– Gain awareness of codependent behaviours in yourself and others
– Cultivate self-love, self-confidence and healthy boundaries
Heal your inner child and transform emotional wounds
Communicate needs effectively and balance interdependence
– Remove toxicity and create secure, trusting relationships

Imagine finally being able to express your wants and having them respected. No more simmering resentment, caretaking exhaustion, or losing yourself to please someone else.

You can have mutually fulfilling relationships that help you thrive as an individual.

This is not a quick fix.

It takes commitment, courage and compassion towards yourself.

But with the right guidance and mindset shifts, you can rewrite old patterns and become the best version of yourself.

Join the many women who have broken the generational cycle of codependency through this audio course.

Experience what it’s like to truly honour your needs and watch your relationships blossom in turn.

You deserve to stop settling.

Embark on the journey toward wholeness and interdependence today.

What’s Inside the Course:

Module 1

Understand codependency – definition, patterns, causes, impacts.

Module 2

Increase self-awareness – assess your tendencies, examine your past, and identify areas for growth.

Module 3

Cultivate self-love – build self-worth and healthy boundaries, and meet your needs first.

Module 4

Heal your inner child – re-parent yourself with compassion and reprogram limiting beliefs.

Module 5

Balance interdependence – mutual care, communicating needs, maintaining autonomy.

Module 6

Create relationship security – secure attachment, removing toxicity, embracing vulnerability.

This self-paced audio course empowers you to absorb the material at your own pace, on walks or drives when it’s convenient for you. No need to be restricted to a screen.

The insights and exercises help you gradually transform codependent patterns into healthy relating.

“I learned how to set boundaries, speak up confidently and stop obsessively caring for others at my own expense. My relationship is stronger than ever.”

- Amanda C.

“After a lifetime of not understanding why I always ended up empty in relationships, I finally gained the awareness and tools to change. I can’t recommend this course enough.”

- Sarah R.

“I used to dismiss my own needs and emotions constantly. Now I can communicate them, ask for reciprocity, and feel so much happier.”

- Olivia T.

Your relationships should empower you, not diminish you.

Make today the first step in your healing journey!

Carolynne Alexander | Women's Coach

About your Teacher:

Queenie Alexander is a women’s empowerment coach who specialises in codependency and healthy relating. After freeing herself from generational codependent patterns, she is passionate about helping other women reclaim their self-worth, voice and freedom.

Professional Investments: Certified NLP Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Reiki Level I & II, MSc Business.


90-day money-back guarantee so you can try the course risk-free!

Still on the fence?

Isn't codependency just a normal part of relationships?

While a degree of interdependence in relationships is healthy, true codependency goes beyond that. Losing your sense of self, inability to set boundaries, and compulsive caretaking is not normal and can severely impact your mental health and relationships. This course helps you gain awareness and skills to develop balanced, secure attachment.

I worry this course will tell me to leave my relationship.

This course does not automatically encourage leaving relationships. The goal is to help you communicate needs effectively, set boundaries, and become less reactive and more grounded. You may choose to leave any abusive situations, but the course primarily empowers you with tools to build healthy dynamics.

My situation feels hopeless. This won't work for me.

Healing from codependency takes courage, but it is possible with the right support. Many felt the same hopelessness before experiencing dramatic positive shifts. The course gives you a judgment-free space to process past trauma, build self-worth and transform your relationships.

How can an audio course compare to counselling?

While one-on-one counseling has benefits, not everyone has access or means. This course provides similar education and exercises in an accessible format. You can repeat and practice modules at your own pace. Use it as a supplement to individual counseling.

I don't have time for another self-help course.

We know you’re busy! The course is self-paced with short lessons so you can progress as you have time. Even small steps applied consistently can create big change. And healthier relationships impact all areas of life, freeing up mental energy.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. You can either pay in full which. is£297 or you can start today for £99 and pay the remaining two payments of £99 in 30 days and 60 days respectively.

Don’t settle for another day of unhealthy relating and inner turmoil.

Invest in yourself and your relationships by enrolling now!

Disclaimer: The content provided in this self-led audio course is for general informational and educational purposes only. It should not be considered psychotherapy or used as a substitute for professional mental health counseling. The creator is not acting as your counselor or therapist.

While care has been taken in preparing the course materials, the creator does not guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of any information provided. It is your responsibility to evaluate the information given.

Participating in the course exercises or implementing any tools is done strictly at your own discretion and risk. Nothing in the course is intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any mental health or interpersonal issues. If you have significant relationship challenges, please seek help from a licensed mental health professional.

The creator is not liable or responsible in any way for any loss or damages directly or indirectly incurred by participating in this course or implementing any of its suggestions. Your progress depends on many individual factors.

Please use wisdom and always consult a professional expert as needed when implementing any relationship advice or techniques. This course is not a replacement for necessary psychological intervention.