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In this article, we explore the many options for marketing your business without social media. And why in 2023, social media is not the only platform to market your feminine business. I’ve been building online businesses for two decades and as a woman in business, social media doesn’t work for me. Here’s why and what I’m doing instead.

I’ve noticed that the women attracted to my work fall into three categories in their life and their business. 

You may be in one, two or all three.


1 | You’re just starting/pivoting your business and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. 

You’re not sure of your zone of genius, whether your expertise/coaching/creative thing is needed in the marketplace. You know it’s what you’re here to do but don’t how to bring it into being… so you try everything. You’re changing your bio every week, your social media is a mess, and you have no idea who your ideal customer is.


2 | You’re in the throes of business and you’re not sure what to do next cos wow, you’re overwhelmed

You have traction in your online business but you also have Spinning Plate Syndrome! Hustle mode is ON! You’re trying harder, pushing more and then it will be ok. Social media is taking up so much of your time, you’re on all the platforms and making slow progress. The return on investment of time, money and energy you put into social media isn’t paying you back.


3. And then the last phase that most feminine entrepreneurs face… you’re exhausted. 

You’re on the edge of the void to either LEVEL UP or GIVE UP. You sense that something isn’t quite right with the way you’re doing business and you’re tired of playing the game. Especially playing the social media game.

Flipping tables time. Sign for bankruptcy, run away to a foreign country, and ignore the bills piling up.


Maybe you’re a mix of all three. 

You’re introducing new products, pivoting your audience, leaning into scaling… or you’re done with the whole thing and want to run away and hide.


I’ve been in every single one of those places. And it’s crazy!


And what I learned was that feminine business owners are leaning into an edge that’s unnatural to them on social media.


1. Going out into the world and performing like an influencer to serve and people-please an audience we don’t really want, but we take the money, anyway. 


2. Hustle isn’t our natural state. We’ve been told to be on every platform, start a newsletter, launch, launch, LAUNCH… be available 24/7… And ignore our instincts to what comes naturally to us through our intuition.


3. And finally, burnout. You’re not living unless you’re on the edge (oh f*ck off!) The reality is more like the game has beaten you. The guilt, shame and exhaustion. 


And these three are all praised and rewarded in the game of business, am I right?! 

Marketing without Social Media


Modern Marketing without Social Media Training

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Guess where all this came from? An industry that is based on attention, selling out and hustle.

  • Gen Z, social media lovelies with their ad deals, #digitalnomadlifestyle, performing their cute dances and selling you VSCO filters, reels tutorials and £49 courses on hashtags. Social media is lyfe but they’re making pennies.

  • 20-year-old bros with infinite stamina, punishing their bodies to the limit, writing courses on how to build a business from scratch using hustle and grind tactics. Cold plunge at 4am, WAGMI.

  • And those who have made it, have a team behind them, a PR team, a book deal… and yet, we’re buying into their £2k course to do business like them. Be everywhere, on all platforms, 24/7 and have your team deal with it.

Did you realise that Gary V has a digital agency with over 1400 creators on the books? He’s not playing the same game as us.

Doesn’t it feel like they’re all in one big gang that got the memo about how to have a fun and straightforward business?!

What I know for certain is this: We are NOT like them.

We’re tuned into something very different. We’re here for a softer, more intentional life, harmonising our Yin and Yang, naturally bringing our gifts into the marketplace and for them to be magnetising to our perfect clients.

The deeper reason that you may not be aware of is this…

We’re intrinsically not designed to be “on” 24/7 which social media demands of us.

Let’s break it down.

I’m not hating on social media. I know that it’s useful buuuuuuuut… It’s not a productive or supportive place to be for female entrepreneurs like us.

Yes, we want to show up in the world, share our gifts, overcome challenges gracefully and get rewarded. But there is a hustle culture that permeates using social media and being engaged 24/7.

If this is you then I know you’ll resonate with this;

  • You’ve felt your energy drop after using social media. You feel like walking through molasses.

  • You’re being called to lean into a softer, more harmonious way of doing business.

  • Your heart is longing to enjoy the longer days of the summer and be present in the moment instead of on your phone.

  • You want to release the pressure in your business instead of seeking to numb with alcohol, Netflix binges, arguments with your partner…

  • You feel disillusioned by the grind culture and success coaching industry that promotes stuffing down your feelings and emotions to “win”.

  • You long to be seen as you are instead of a neat product to be replaced by the next one.

  • You want to calm your nervous system and re-sensitive yourself to the joy of life.

  • You want to do your best, most rewarding and fulfilling work with people who you love dearly, want to see succeed and have a lifetime connection with.

  • You want to be paid, supported, loved, nourished and appreciated by your business instead of pouring endless energy into it.

If this is you, you are not alone.

Many women are craving this. Yet our needs and desires are swept under the rug because the feminine/yin isn’t seen as valuable.

Ease, beauty, luxury, spaciousness, richness, rest… Peace.

We’re not shown how to do this in society. We’re only shown that rushing, deadlines, and linear time are valued. We abandon what feels good in our soul to “achieve”.

And as for the spiritual… the great unseen but felt and known… has no space in business… and yet, if you ask every successful entrepreneur, they refer to intuition for their business decisions.

JP Morgan even commented that millionaires don’t have astrologers, billionaires do.

We abandon the unvalued and unseen to program our subconscious to operate in the 3D world, full of ego and “doing”.

Our habits become our reality instead of imagining a new way that’s for us.

This is why I’m encouraging you to lean back into your yin/feminine/softer/spiritual self. It is your natural design that is craving to be seen, heard, cultivated, and loved back into the world.

We need you, all of you, your uniqueness, your feminine nature, your business smarts, your offerings, your depth, and your unfathomable love.

If you feel called to explore TEN other ways of marketing your business without social media or even just to cut down your reliance on it then this training is for you.

Marketing without Social Media


Modern Marketing without Social Media Training

For Experts, Coaches & Burned Out Babes who want to step off the social media hamster wheel, this all-new 2-week training series help you create a sustainable online business away from social media.

It’s 100% free — you’ll be building your sustainable online business in no time!


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