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Get Paid to be You


For Leaders, Visionaries, Coaches & Entrepreneurs who aren’t here to create from a place of logic, force, sacrifice and being reasonable.

Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities.

Where you Release Inner Stuckness to Accelerate Outer Success.

Quantum Shift your Future, Master your Mindset, Build your Rockstar Brand…
and Get Paid to be YOU!

Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities, where you can turn your passion into profit and make a meaningful impact.


“Get Paid to Be You” is a program specifically designed for female coaches, entrepreneurs, experts and leaders who are ready to embrace their authentic selves, master their mindset and build thriving businesses around their unique skills, ideas and expertise.

You know there’s something more than the traditional strategies and mindset behind six/seven figure businesses.

You’re doing “everything right” and putting in the work but nothing is changing?

You’re hitting the same glass ceiling and never breaking through?

You’re here to do epic things but you don’t how it would be possible?

You’re stuffing more and more into your days and there’s never enough time?

You want to have more impact and go bigger than before BUT you’re sacred it might burn you out?

And do you just want it to be easy like the gurus promised but keep asking “How do they do it?!”

How this will transform your business & your life, forever.

This is no ordinary program, we’re here for Quantum Shifts as Standard because…

The Essential Missing Piece is

Quantum Shifts

Ever wondered “how she does it”?

She’s effortlessly showing up, attracting epic clients, changing lives, and getting sales all while taking time off to enjoy her life.

» She’s mastered the art of ENERGY

Mindset Mastery

She’s rock solid in her conviction to have it all.

She moves with certainty and the wold moves for her. She’s commanding the highest prices, her self-worth is on point, and procrastination is in her past.

» She mastered the science of MINDSET

Business Alchemy

She’s got payments on repeat.

No more hustle and starting from zero on the first of the month. She’s leveraged her business as her bitch instead of the other way around. Cos we’re going out of office ASAP.

» She’s mastered the STRATEGY of business

Your New Hype Woman

Hey, I’m Carolynne

but my friends call me “Queenie”

💃🏼I create Rockstar Entrepreneurs & Obsession-Worthy Brands like you’ve never seen before.

Ex-Fortune 500 Leader & 20+year Entrepreneur turned Mindset and Intuitive Business Coach working with the Exceptional & Ambitious AF.

Only a short time ago, I thought I had it all.

Living in Southern Spain, partying in my dream apartment, driving Porsches to Marbella, sipping champagne on rooftops and clients loving my VIP retreats.


I hid my tears as I boarded the plane back to the UK.

I had it ALL but I couldn’t sustain it. Lockdown, Brexit… I can point the finger at a whole bunch of things. But I know in my heart what it was (and it wasn’t those things!).

I’d hustled and brute-forced my life and business into “being successful” but it was inevitable that I couldn’t sustain it or scale it.

I was trying everything and “doing everything right” but nothing was working.

I’d built my life and business on a disrupted nervous system, a “fake it till you make it” mindset, and workaholism. 

As the plane took off, I made the COMMITMENT to myself that I would figure this out.


I have rebuilt myself and my business from the ground up.

» A regulated nervous system, authentic self-expression, energy off the charts, mindset on point, business thriving, abundance as standard, and my vision for the future is snapping into my reality on the daily 💃🏼

Today, I am no longer available for forcing life. I’ve built my business (and life) from a place of embodiment and effortlessness.

When you start aligning your energy in your business & life.

💃🏼 You admit that you DO want the big impact, big money, big life and actively chose to step into that version of you.
» No more playing small at the mercy of your nervous system. You can handle it ALL.

💃🏼 You effortlessly know the next bold move as the CEO Self in your biz and you make it with absolute knowing.
» No more faking it until you make it.

💃🏼 You unlock your next-level client and purpose-aligned offerings with ease and excitement because you know instinctively what they want.
» No second guessing, no “trying”, no force when you sell.

💃🏼 You upgrade your Money Identity and celebrate doubling, tripling or quadrupling your fees.
» No wobbling, doubting yourself or wondering if your clients will love to pay them.

💃🏼 You gracefully thank the old you for keeping you safe and protected. But now, you’re handing the wheel to your higher self cos she KNOWS your next bold move.
» No more hiding, dulling your shine or dumbing down your wisdom.

What to expect…

Let’s breakdown what’s coming your way

Training Modules

In-depth training and aha moments on demand with the 6/8 TK modules that go deep into your releasing stuckness and consciously creating your desires from your heart, not your head. Plus business strategy like you’ve never seen before.

Consciousness Shifting Hypno-tracks

Clearing decades of conditioning with hypno-therapy-based, trauma-informed activations included for each module.

Q&A Sessions


Get your most burning questions answered by Queenie when you go through this round of Get Paid. The Telegram group is gonna be 🔥

Module Breakdown


Your Investment

After this round, the price will increase to £1997

(this is my signatue program and wil be increasing vastly in price as time goes on but you can get in at the rediculous beta price. This is my gift to you as en early adopter)