2021 in review


2021 was a funny old year.

Here are the top 5 things I've learnt from 365 days of crazy.

1. Allowing things to unfold is always going to be better than grasping at expectations. Celebrate the small things. Even when things go very wrong!

2. Things can change very quickly. From one extreme to the other and back again. Again, practising non-attachment has been key. Getting over things faster is a life hack.

3. Friendships can come from the most unusual places. Online, offline, everywhere. Always be open to listening to people's stories. Share more from your heart, not just your head.

4. Deconditioning through Human Design is a never-ending level-up. There's always more to unlearn and embody. Even if it's painful!

5. Intuition is always right. More silence and self-enquiry in 2022 to strengthen my intuition. More tarot readings too!

However your 2021 was (crazy or otherwise), I hope it taught you everything you need to go into 2022 with high spirits and gratitude.

What was your biggest lesson from 2021?


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

P.S. Right now, you can get Human Design Readings and Tarot Readings from me.

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