2022 Intuition Almanac

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As we head into the final stages of 2021, my view is looking towards 2022. I have a deep desire to make 2022 vastly different to this year.

Deepening practices and taking more time away from the 3D world.

We are all feeling exhausted as the Vortex whips us into a frenzy as we head towards 2027.

Those spiritual souls who are feeling this, I want to welcome you.

The Intuition Almanac is part living document, part subscription and an ever-evolving storehouse of wisdom.

I have wanted to share all my teaching with the world for so long. I often choose to release blog posts and social media snippets, but that isn't enough. It certainly isn't deep enough.

Plus, there is a feeling that giving this life-changing teaching away is great for those who can't afford my coaching at the moment.

Anchoring into the seasons and cycles of life gives us something to tether to in times of difficulty. I know that following the Moon Cycles has been transformative for me.

In tandem with that, we are all looking for other ways to feel safe in times of uncertainty. Spirit, soul, The Universe, The All is the answer I have found.

Handing the steering wheel to The Universe has given way to miracles this year. Often during times of intense hardship. By gripping too tight, we often do not allow miracles to happen.

We find what we need by following cycles and honouring quiet times of study, intuition, contemplation, and compassion towards ourselves.

The last quarter of 2021 has been the toughest of my life. And I owe my continued optimism to The Universe.

I welcome you to do the same.

The 2022 Intuition Almanac will be available for the Spring 2022 Season. Date TBC so sign up for updates.

The pricing will be £33.33 per month for access.


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

P.S. Right now, you can get Human Design Readings and Tarot Readings from me.

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