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Including how to use yes/no responses when you’re a Generator.


My name is Carolynne and I’m a reformed workaholic.

Yup, burning out is was jam. Every few months, I’d end up in a heap and crying my face off.

“I can’t do any more.”

Note the word “do”… I was doing too much.

It’s my natural way of living. Always be doing something. Work was like crack to me. If I could work 24/7, I’d be happy.

That was until I got a lil’ bit older, my body was giving me signs and signals to slow down but I still pushed through.


I talk about burnout a LOT but I didn’t realise that it was a Human Design thang.

I remember a friend of my mine doing my human design chart and we discovered I was a Generator.

“Yeah, you’re prone to workaholism and burning out.”

Oh bugger. That was me.

She explained everything about how Generators burn out because we have so much energy to do things. Once we get started, we’re unstoppable.

Yey, super powers!

She also added how dangerous this was. Not only because we burnout but over time, we start projects, master then then we plateau. We think it’s not working so we stop short of mastery.

That’s not great for self-esteem and self-confidence.

Instead, we should allow the next step to reveal itself to us.


But I’m a workaholic, I can’t just sit there in inertia and WAIT!?

That’s your real superpower.

Waiting and responding with a deep gut instinct.

Oh, hold on… I like the sound of this.

“That’s exactly the response you should be giving.”

Either a hell yeah or a f*ck no response to everything that comes your way.

  • Feeling it deep in your stomach as being a yes or a no.
  • Looking for signs and signals that are synchronicities.
  • Responding to opportunities instead of pushing to create them.

Everyday, we have a ton of decisions to make and as Generators, we get to feel our way through them.

I know you’ll resisting this right now, I know I did.

“I make things happen.”

Yeah, you do. By being present and tapping into the gut feeling you have about every decision.

The more you practice, the more you’ll get better at it.

And the better you get, the more opportunities come your way.


Procrastination is a sign that you can’t make a decision about something.

If you find yourself picking up your phone to distract yourself, it could be that you’re wanting a sign to do something because there are too many choices.

What you need, is a yes/no question.

Do you want X or Y?

Instead of what do you want.


  • What do you want for dinner tonight? Not a great question. There are too many options and is confusing for a Generator to be asked.
  • Do you want pizza or steak?Better question to ask because it’s a binary answer. Pizza OR steak. But there can also be a “none” answer too.
  • Do you want steak tonight?Hell yes! (I’m hungry) This is the best way of asking what you want and allowing yourself to respond with a gut response.

It doesn’t have to be someone else asking the question, you can even do this yourself.

Asking yourself better questions will give you a stronger response to what you actually want. Your intuition will be at work for you.

Ask yourself yes/no questions to find out how you want to create your life like a choose your own adventure book.

Then once you have the answer that feels good, you can get to work.


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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