I wish I knew this two years ago

Spiritual Growth

If I could sum up the three things that I wished you knew so you could master life, it would be these.

1. Presence in a superpower. Staying in the present and making decisions from here instead of fear bends time.

2. You are here to experience life and continually expand. No settling, no numbing out, no boredom. Expansion is what the Universe does and you're part of the Universe, act accordingly.

3. Everything you need is inside of you. Everything. Your design, your sovereignty and your destiny are hidden inside you and they're dying to get out.

That's it. Just those three things.

Presence | Expansion | Sovereignty

Living these three things every day has taken me from numbing, depression, anxiety and boredom to living a life that takes my breath away.


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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