The 8 things preventing you from using your intuition to manifest your highest-self


“How the hell do I manifest what I want? Everyone else seems to be allowing all their dreams to come true, and I’m sat here thinking, writing my affirmations, dream boarding the crap out of what I want, and nothing is happening.”

Well, doh! Here’s the punchline we co-create with the Universe through our Intuition.

The Universe always wants what is best for us. Our highest-self intends to manifest in the physical world. We get to work with the Universe by receiving nudges and messages through our Intuition.

If it is to be, you will see.

Following your Intuition takes trust. A deep trust that we haven’t cultivated in ourselves. From trust comes knowing. Knowing is certainty. That feeling of certainty brings you what you want.

It’s already done; the world is just catching up.

But… We’re not great at trusting. Trust is a vast subject and often goes deep into childhood trauma and patterning.

If one or both parents weren’t there for you, then there will be trust issues.

Note – That subject is too big for this article. If you are moved to investigate it, take a look at the books on “reparenting” to begin your journey.

The eight ways we forgot how to use our Intuition.

1. Authority

We are taught from a very early age to respect authority such as parents, teachers, the Government, our boss etc. Their way is THE way. Don’t get me wrong, hierarchy is essential for business etc., to work. But when it comes to self-sovereignty, the only authority we listen to is ourselves. If we’re always outsourcing our self-leadership, then we’ll never be self-sovereign and think for ourselves.

2. Society and peer pressure

We want to fit in, FACT. It’s a human trait that we can’t escape. However, continually wanting to fit in means we get the same as everyone else. Society doesn’t cater for anyone wanting more expression and alignment in their lives. What if your highest-self wants to manifest into more than what Society accepts?

3. Hiding emotions and white lies

We’re taught by our parents and friends how to think, it’s called modelling and mirroring. If our parents (or friends) say one thing and do another, we lose trust. PLUS, we know we are being lied to (or white lies are being told), and our reality doesn’t match up with what our Intuition is telling us. Eg. If we are told everything is ok and we feel a vibe of anger, then we learn to distrust our Intuition. Read that sentence again.

4. Following step by step guides and blueprints.

While they give us the security that we’re going to get what we want if we follow the rules, we’re following someone else’s rules/blueprint/intuition. See what’s happened here? We’re following someone else’s higher-self. Doh! FOMO and wanting what other people have is a natural instinct, but they will sell you a framework that may not be right for you. If you’re in business, ask yourself how many courses have you paid for that didn’t work because they felt “off” to you.

Caveat – Unless they’re teaching you something, don’t listen to Gurus and their blueprints. Learning is excellent because you should follow your curiosity. Come up with your way of doing things by applying what you have learnt.

5. Fear and control

Have you seen the world right now?! Fear, fear, FEAR! Scarcity, disease, FEAR. Just writing that makes my cortisol levels rise! Never have we been in a global PsyOp (psychological operation) like this. The fear propaganda is insidious. When we’re scared, we want to hold onto something solid. We want to be protected, and we’re not getting that level of protection from anywhere outside of ourselves. We have to create that security from within, which is difficult when all we see is negativity.

This leads me to the next point.

6. Distraction

When was the last time you sat alone with your thoughts without picking your phone up? We’re more distracted than we’ve ever been. Social media is designed to keep us on their platforms longer. The result is that we don’t create the space to tap into our consciousness. We’re not taught to sit with ourselves.

7. Emotion

We’re not taught to manage our emotions and energy, so we push our feelings down (or grab our phone, food, alcohol or drugs). By ignoring our feelings and emotions, we’re not connecting with our bodies and our triggers. If we’re not taught how to process and move the energy in our body, it stagnates. Plus, we’re taught not to be emotional. Life is emotion! Emotion is part of the human experience. How can we fully be alive if we’re not experiencing the feelings and emotions in our bodies? They’re signs and signals that we shouldn’t ignore. We should be embracing them as messages, not something to banish from our existence.

8. The masculine energy world

The mental models we use are logic and reason, aka left-brain skills. Everything must be proved and replicated.

The CIA found this out when they investigated psychic powers. (Google “Remote viewing CIA”). Their project got defunded because they couldn’t figure out how it worked. There is no room in the world for flow, creativity and Intuition, which are right-brain skills.

Another masculine energy trait is taking action. Action is praised and rewarded. Productivity and the hustle are touted as being the saviour of your bank account. But that’s only one half of the story. Knowing what to do and not just doing it is the key.

Phew, that’s some list, right?!

If you feel like you’re not able to tap into your Intuition, then it isn’t your fault. The world wasn’t set up for you to be guided by your Intuition. It’s meant to be difficult because if we were to use it, the world would be a very different place. Imagine if more and more people manifested their highest-self. Wouldn’t that be magnificent?!

I do believe we’re at a crossroads for humanity and Intuition. There is an awakening going on right now. The more we become aware of the ways our Intuition is shut down, the less we are affected by it.

Once we see it, we can’t un-see it.

You can choose to reverse all these effects so you can manifest into your highest-self. Exciting, huh?


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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