The Science of Manifestation

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Manifestation gets a bad rep.

When Spiritual Peeps get hold of it, they tend to make it about a belief system.

You’ve got to believe it to see it. Right? Nope, wrong.

Manifestation isn’t about belief. It’s a tool.

Let’s bring some science and practicality into manifestation. #PracticalSpirituality is my jam.

Everything in the Universe is energy and energy is vibration.

When we set an intention in our mind, we can transmute that thought as a vibration through our body.

We vibrate in resonance with our thoughts. I.e. Our body becomes our thought.

Our mind and our body are in coherence. We’re transmitting what we want.

Plus, our body is a transmitter and receiver of vibration.

We move towards things we are in resonance with and away from things we aren’t in resonance with.

If you’ve ever walked into to a room and felt the vibe to be off, that is what I’m talking about.

Now, we don’t just do this as a one off and it’s done. We do this every moment we desire something.

Transmitting = Desire/Thought ➡️ Body Resonance ➡️ Inspired Action

Receiving = Sensing -> Movement

(I’ll write about receiving in another essay)

🗝 Every thought carries a vibration and if we allow it to settle into our body then we can move towards our desires almost as if it is unconscious.

The more we do it, the more our body acts without our mind getting involved.

This method has been used by scores of athletes, entrepreneurs, performers and they call it mental rehearsal or visualisation.

Manifestation isn’t woo woo. It’s science.


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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