We don't create, we render.


Maybe we got this quantum manifestation stuff all wrong?

What if, instead of creating from nothing, we're rendering from a pre-determined plan.

And that plan was co-created with the Universe.

And all we had to do was choose what we wanted and then receive the next action?

Creation is rendering.

Taking the micro-actions in the moment to build up enough actions to bring something into the physical realm.

I'm obsessed with fashion and the design process. (I even had my own label!)

The intersection between the arts and business is the ultimate innovation space.

How did Alexander McQueen create such unique pieces?

Was Vivienne Westwood a product of her environment, or did she change the face of London fashion?

They followed the principle of rendering.

Creating from a blank space is stressful.

Writer's block is a bitch.

So instead, we get to relax into receiving the next micro action.

Flow state, going quantum, tapping into source... whatever you call it, it's all the same thing.

Rendering from divine instructions.

Exactly like a 3D printer, think about it.

It's how I knew how to create my two collections.

I had some preexisting know-how of basic sewing skills, BUT when I was hands-on, I was rendering from seemingly nothing.

"I have no idea how you're doing it, but it's magical to watch."

It looked magical because the interface between the 3D and 5D can't be seen, but it's there.

Look around you. All of that is rendered from source.

And it's magical.


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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