What is Alignment Coaching?

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And how is it different to Success Coaching?


Success coaching is about changing yourself to become successful, and alignment coaching is about full self-expression of who you are (and you're successful in your way).

Guess which one is the most fulfilling? Well, let me give you a hint. After you've reached a certain level of success, money, "things", be honest and tell me if you feel happy.

When we tick the boxes of society, the feeling of happiness is short-lived. I've seen numerous successful people burn out and blow up their lives because they feel numb. Buying more and more toys, having affairs, crashing their career and hating life are just some of the themes I've seen.

So why is success so unfulfilling? It's because success is mostly one size fits all.

"Success" = Car, house, career, partner, family, money in the bank, few holidays a year. We spend most of our lives chasing success. Then, when we get there, we find it's not what we wanted.

What we actually wanted was maybe to write a book, create a non-profit, travel the world or start a business. But something stopped us.

Alignment Coaching fixes this. Alignment is where we dig into our life's purpose and create a life where we are tapping into that purpose every day. When we live in alignment with our highest purpose, every day is a success. We feel alive; we feel light; joy is our natural state; abundance comes to us easily. We even feel like we're cheating life a little bit.

How can life feel this good?

That's the power of Alignment Coaching.


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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