What is the difference between intuition and instinct?


“I just had that feeling…”

This is the usual vibe or feeling we get when something is “off”.

It’s a feeling that the energy around us is kinda “funky”.

For example, walking into a room and wanting to walk back outta there!

It’s when we have that hell yeah or hell no feeling.

The most intense instinct you can have is jumping out of the path of a car coming towards you. It’s your primal fight or flight response. It usually has a very strong yes or no answer.

That’s the magic of instinct, it’s designed to keep you safe.

No thinking, just primal action taking to keep you out of danger.

It’s been studied by the scientific community and they all agree that this is a primal reaction to keep us alive.

Intuition is something altogether different.

Intuition is the magical source of knowing that we all have access to. It’s your higher-self communicating with you.

Modern-life makes it hard to hear it.

This is due to the mind chatter, noise of life and potentially years and years of toxic build up of nasty stuff in our bodies.

Plus, when we do hear our higher-self, we often times don’t trust the message.

Again, this is due to the disconnect from your natural, true self.

The simplest way of knowing wig the difference is this;

  • Instinct is a fight or flight response.
  • Intuition carries information.


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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