Why Purpose?


I talk a LOT about purpose.


Cos if you’re gonna spend your one and only precious life doing/being something then make it a masterpiece.

〰 Gene Key 32 (My Life’s Work + Brand) is all about choosing what to go ALL IN with.

Why not choose the “big one”?

Everything else seems pointless, right?

➰Soul Contract – What you are here to fully express that only you can?➰Human Contract – What are you here to experience and grow from?➰Universe Contract – What are you here to expand?

These are BIG, JUICY questions to ponder. Often TOO big to answer.

They can only be answered by your HD + Gene Keys charts.

And when they are, I can guarantee you’ll be LIT UP AF!

It all makes sense.

“So THAT’S why I do that/love that/want that.”

AND things effortlessly happen because you’re co-creating with the Universe. Yummy!

You’re here to fulfil these three contracts and they’re hidden in your chart.

And when you discover them, you’re gonna be hard to beat.

Go live your purpose, the New Earth needs you more than ever to be all you can be.


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

P.S. Right now, you can get Human Design Readings and Tarot Readings from me.

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