Will you surrender?

Dear Woman

Powerful and activating post. Beware.

Wear yourself out, go on.

Rage, cry, fight.

Or silently suffer, not sleeping, punishing yourself.

Or numb yourself to the monotony and loneliness.

And when you’re in a puddle on the floor, then will you ask for help?

Will your ego step in and lie to you saying “I’ve got this”?

Will you continue to read about, but not embody, the journey you are on?

Will you pretend everything is ok through gritted teeth and a tight jaw?

Will you keep going to burnout?

Will your body give in before you do?

Will you surrender?

I will be there with you.

I will patiently feel the energy and trauma leave your body.

I will hear your screams, feel your tears, watch your body shake.

I will wait…


Wait… Until you are ready to reconnect with your forgotten parts.

No fixing, no advice, no plans, goals or wishes.

You will ask for help and it will be EASY.

Easy because you have dropped back into your body, the energy has moved and your chaos is safety contained.

Healing, reconnection and remembering who you are isn’t a linear journey.

It’s messy, it’s snotty, it’s lonely.

But when you have another woman who you can trust, it becomes safe to let go.

That woman is me while you heal.

And that woman is you when you recover.

How did that land for you?

Genuinely, did that land in your belly? In your heart? In your soul?

Let me know.

I’m listening 🤍


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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