Winter Solstice Tarot Spread using Human Design


New Year starts today with Winter Solstice (here in the Northern Hemisphere).

Rest and recalibration are necessary to check in with yourself.

Whether it's once a day or once a season.

Feeling into your desires and understanding your priorities is necessary.

Desire is a powerful force. If you forget your desires, you are operating without a compass. Your true North Star is what you desire the most.

As we head into the Winter Solstice, we go dark and inward.

Feeling into exactly what we want on a deeper level.

Not surface wants; I'm talking about deep desires.

This is the spread for my Winter Solstice Ritual to get back in touch with what I deeply desire.

It combines Tarot and Human Design, so we are bringing together the power of our intuition from Tarot and the energy centres of HD.

I have to say, this was the MOST POWERFUL Tarot Spread I've ever done.

  1. Root: Where am I now?
  2. Sacral: What energy can I put into my desires?
  3. Spleen: What fear is holding me back?
  4. Solar Plexus: What do my emotions what me to know?
  5. Heart/Will: What does my heart desire?
  6. G Centre: How do I attract my desires?
  7. Throat: How do I want to express my desires?
  8. Ajna: What does my mind desire?
  9. Crown: What is my intuition saying to me?


With Power & Grace, Carolynne ∞

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