Human Design Readings

Human Design Readings

Readings with me are unique and personalised to you.

Whether it's your PURPOSE or how to live in ALIGNMENT with your design, you can receive a reading from me that covers everything you need to know from your Human Design.

Plus, my readings are different.

No Zoom, no phone calls, no scheduling.

Everything is recorded and set to you for private contemplation.



WTF AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? PURPOSE READING Ok, you’ve had a dark night of the soul and you need to know the answers to “what am I here to do?” We take a look at your Purpose, your Direction in life, what could be holding you back.


HELP! HOW CAN I MAKE LIFE EASIER? ALIGNMENT READING We go deep into how you navigate the World and how to make life a little easier for you. We look at your challenges and how to use your energy to move through them. Ease + Flow, baby!


THE BIG ONE (Everything!) FULL HD READING Everything in the Purpose and Alignment Reading. Plus you get to ask specific questions and I’ll answer them with your design.


  • I speak your language - No jargon, no fluff, no woo.
  • I use my Intuition - There’s no reading from a book here. As an experienced Spiritual Coach, you’re getting my mediumship thrown into the mix too.
  • I bring 15+ years experience of coaching and spirituality to the table - This isn’t just a HD Reading, this links mindset and multiple modalities so you get a holistic overview (and deep dive) into your design.
  • I make it fun - There can be some heavy stuff in there so humour (and sass!) is comes as standard.


  • RECORDED READING I record your reading for you to listen to in your own time. You will receive an audio file which is personal to you. They’re between 60-90 minutes and you can listen as many times as you wish. I will even timestamp the recording so you can find the exact section you’re looking for.
  • TRANSCRIPT I send you the transcript of the reading to you too. Ideal for those of us who love to read and highlight things. This will be an editable document so you can add, highlight and organise your Reading. I call this a LIVING DOCUMENT where your an expand your knowledge and depth of understanding of who you are.
  • OPTIONAL VOXER SUPPORT While everything you need is in your Reading, you may have questions after you receive your Reading. There is the option to purchase Voxer Support where you can ask questions and I will get back to you with the answers.



BOOK your reading by filling in the form below.


I'll RECORD your reading as an audio and you will also get the transcript. It can take up to three days for your Reading as they can take up to a few hours to prepare for you.


I will then EMAIL the Reading and Transcript to you.


You also have the option to add three days of Voxer SUPPORT if you have any questions after you have listened to your Reading.


If the form isn't behaving, you can head over here to fill it in -

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