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Are You Bored, Disconnected, and Craving a Return to the Honeymoon Phase?

Is it beginning to feel like you’re just Roommates?

And Netflix and chill means just that…
watching a series and zero excitement to do anything else.

You glance over at your partner blankly staring at his phone again and feel that familiar pang of loneliness.

Where did the laughter, passion, and butterflies go? Or even the sex?!

Now your evenings together feel dull and empty, just silently sitting side by side.

You ache for the connection you once had – the carefree joy, the intimate talks, the excitement. But no matter what you try, nothing seems to recapture that spark.

You start wondering… Is this just how relationships go after the honeymoon phase? Or is something missing that could be reclaimed? Your heart knows you deserve more. Though it may seem impossible now, you can revive the magic you thought was gone.

Do you remember what it felt like when you first fell in love?

The exhilarating rush of diving into deep conversations for hours, sharing your souls late into the night.

The thrill of your next date, wondering if this might be the person you’d spend your life with.

The sparks that flew with each laugh together, each lingering kiss, each new discovery you made about one another. You never wanted those carefree days full of joy and promise to end.

But somewhere along the way, those breathless moments faded into distant memories. The playful banter quieted, the kissing stopped, life’s stresses dulled the vibrancy.

Here’s the secret though: The potential for magic never disappeared. Buried under the routine and neglect are embers waiting to be reignited.

With intention and care, you can rekindle that fiery passion again. You can fall head over heels, sweep each other off your feet, relive the magic you thought was gone.

Don’t you owe it to yourself – and your relationship – to give it one more try? The dream is still there…are you ready to reawaken it?

Here’s the thing…it’s not you. It’s not your partner either.


It’s the lack of conscious intentionality.


Modern life pulls couples in so many directions – careers, kids, aging parents, endless chores and errands. We end up stuck in autopilot, neglecting the nurturing behaviours that cement intimate bonds.

The butterflies fade not because you’re doing anything wrong, but because human connection requires ongoing attention. Without conscious intention, relationships backslide into stable yet passionless ruts.

And you fall into repeating the same repeating patterns of behaviour never getting to the bottom of the problems.


This is where things get interesting…
Did you know your nervous system plays a huge role?

Stress triggers your sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system, making you feel disconnected.

Intimacy requires activating your parasympathetic “rest and digest” system through vulnerability and deep sharing.

The good news is you can learn to rewrite old patterns, calm your nerves, and reignite that emotional and physical intimacy in powerful ways.

With the right knowledge, tools and mindset shifts, extraordinary relationships are possible.

What if you could have an exact roadmap for transforming your relationship from dull to extraordinary?

A step-by-step system outlining how to reignite intimacy and passion?

And you can use it again and again no matter where you are in your relationship?

In this breakthrough online program, you’ll discover proven techniques to:

  • Recalibrate your nervous system for deeper emotional connection
  • Communicate your needs effectively to feel valued
  • Rebuild trust through vulnerability and total honesty
  • Re-spark that “honeymoon phase” chemistry and butterflies
  • Overcome stagnation and inject new life into stale routines
  • Become intentional about your relationship again
  • And so much more!

The result? A relationship that makes you feel cherished, desired, appreciated, and fulfilled on the deepest levels.

No more silent, disconnected evenings or forced conversations. Just genuine laughter, tingles of excitement, and a partner who makes your heart flutter again.

You’ll be equipped with the exact skills and mindset shifts needed to intentionally create the extraordinary relationship you’ve been craving. The passion you thought was gone can be yours again!

Welcome to

The School of Sovereignty™

Conscious Relationships Program

Autumn 2023 Intake


This isn’t some generic relationship advice you could find anywhere.

This is a proven step-by-step system designed specifically to help ambitious women in long-term relationships rekindle emotional and physical passion.

You’ll discover unconventional yet proven methods most couples will never know – like using healing techniques to manage stress responses and access the optimal state for intimacy.

While most relationship programs focus on communication tips, this goes much deeper. It will reshape your entire mental framework around relationships with research-backed techniques.

You’ll walk away with total clarity on how to get your needs met while also cherishing your partner. Imagine no more guesswork or fruitless efforts – just a clear path to the love of your dreams.

And the secret is consistency. You’ll build rock-solid relationship rituals that cement intimacy for the long haul. No more relying on vacations or date nights to temporarily reconnect.

This will give you the EXACT tools to revive the magic, purpose, and pleasure in your relationship – no matter how long you’ve felt disconnected.

The framework revealed here is truly groundbreaking yet easy to integrate into your life.


Don’t settle for average love – claim the extraordinary!

How I got here and why I created this program…

“For the last few years, with lockdown, being in separate countries and the stress of work and moving house, we just weren’t close anymore. Arguments were more common and I personally felt like giving up. Eventually, we were just going through the motions. We hardly talked besides discussing the latest news and our job/business.

We turned into flatmates.

When I realised that I had so much power in changing myself and the behaviour that was showing up, I knew I could turn things around. I dived deep into healing myself, my attachment style and even my codependency.

We started having deep talks again for the first time in forever. It was scary making myself vulnerable, but then he opened up too. I remembered how light and easy a relationship could feel.

The healing and mindfulness techniques also made a huge difference in how I managed stress and anxiety. For once I wasn’t in survival mode – I could be present and open my heart again.

And this is just the start of our very exciting future together. Even after 19 years!”

Look, if you want more passion, romance and connection in your relationship, you have three options:

1. You can ignore all this and continue thinking “my relationship isn’t that bad, it’s normal for the spark to fade.” You’ll stay in your rut as the months and years pass.

2. You can try figuring it out alone with more books and articles. It’s possible, but slow. When you stumble, you’ll have no one to turn to for guidance. Momentum will stall.

3. Or you can join your fellow Sovereign Women committed to extraordinary, conscious relationships. With the step-by-step training, community support, and expert guidance, you’ll gain intimacy skills fast. You’ll have tools to overcome any obstacle.

The choice is yours.

But if you’re serious about reigniting that spark and recapturing the magic, why go it alone? In this program, you’ll get hands-on training and a tribe of women to uplift you.

Your dream relationship is waiting. Don’t put it off another day – take the leap now to create the passion and connection you deserve!

I can only accept a small group of women to ensure the highest level of personal support.


If you’re ready to regain the magic, don’t risk missing your chance – join us today!

What’s Inside

Module 1

How to heal your own sh!t for deeper connections

The more you heal, the more open you are to connection and love. Master techniques to manage stress and access a state of calm, connected presence.

Module 2

Relationships Dynamics

Understand yourself and gain insight into your unique relationship dynamics – know the part you’re playing in the drama and heal it. Discover your unique masculine/feminine energies and power dynamics for deeper insight.

Module 3

Healthy Communication + Conflict Resolution 

Learn how to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts – No silent treatment or storming out just calm discussion and holding your boundaries. Learn to express your needs assertively and resolve conflicts constructively.

Module 4

Get date nights in the diary!

Reignite passion and inject excitement. Inject excitement back into stale routines and cultivate emotional/physical intimacy.

Module 5

Independent not Dependent 

Discover your needs and rebuild confidence In how you want your relationship (and your life) to be – And how to communicate your needs. Overcome limiting beliefs, build confidence, and reconnect with your needs.

Module 6

Heal and Prevent Burnout & Stress

Learn how to prevent burnout through work-life balance – One of the biggest issues for high performing women. Set boundaries and integrate self-care to prevent burnout.

Module 7

Dissolving your Girl Boss Persona 

How to build emotional intimacy and vulnerability – dropping the “tough girl/independent woman” mask to be seen as your natural feminine self.

Module 8

Shared Vision Work 

Learn how to involve your partner in growth and change – cos you can’t be the only one in the relationship that’s growing.


Heal Together 

Exclusive Community (on Telegram) where you can ask questions and get even more help with your Conscious Relationship. 

By the end, you’ll have the skills and mindset to transform your relationship, communication, emotional and physical connection, confidence, AND heal your own sh!t.

Each module provides targeted benefits to equip you for extraordinary intimacy and connection.

AUTUMN 2023 EDITION – This curriculum is subject to expansion as you feedback your questions into the community. 



Nervous System Regulation Healing Course – Worth £297

A stand alone course that contains the vital handbook for healing from your past.

Break Free from Codependency Course – Regular price £297

The complete course to how to stop people pleasing, setting boundaries, validation and so much more.

Lover, not a Mother

Overcome your mothering tendencies – A MAJOR problem in modern relationships – and restore respect… the thing he craves the most.

Tried, tested and proven Daily Rituals Module

Behind the affirmations and the meditation is some hardcore science and proven techniques. You don’t want to miss this.

Reparenting Module

Understanding The Mother Wound and how it manifests so you can heal from it.
Understanding The Father Wound and how it manifests so you can heal from it. 


The Sisterhood Wound for better friendships Module


WORTH £594

And you get all these bonuses for FREE.

I’m only accepting a limited number of women to ensure the highest level of care and support.

Once spots fill up, I’ll be closing enrolment for this round of the program.


If you’re ready to heal your self, stop feeling neglected, lonely, and unfulfilled in your relationship and start experiencing deeper intimacy than you ever imagined possible…this is your chance.

All you have to do is click the “Enroll Now” button below, enter your payment details, and you’ll get immediate access to the first module.

In just a few clicks, you can start learning skills that most couples NEVER discover in decades together. You can walk this transformative path with ambitious women just like you, no longer feeling alone. And you can have me as your guide and mentor along the way.

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Don’t put it off another day – your extraordinary conscious relationship is waiting.
Claim your spot today for ⅔ off.

Psst. This program will be £2,997 when out of beta. 

You have nothing to lose and a conscious relationship to gain. Don’t put your happiness on hold any longer – click below to enrol now and start revitalising your love today!

Don’t just take my word for it.

This is what may man said after I had done the work.

Y’know what? After all the work you’ve done, I finally feel like we can talk properly now. I feel like we’re so much closer than before. I can open up and talk to you!

I feel like you understand what I need. I feel seen, heard and understood, not like before.

- BD (my fiance)

Carolynne Alexander | Women's Coach

About your Teacher:

Carolynne “Queenie” Alexander is a former Fortune 500 Executive turned Women’s Coach who specialises in codependency and conscious relationships. After freeing herself from generational codependent patterns, she is passionate about helping other women reclaim their self-worth, voice and freedom in conscious relationships.

“My unique methodology blends nervous system work, healing work, Reiki, breath work, mindfulness, femininity work, tantra, and breakthrough communication methods that produce rapid results and deep healing. I won’t waste your time with fluff – these unconventional yet proven practices are at the core of my successful approach, brought together for the first time in a revolutionary way to build you conscious relationship.

I can’t wait to share this potent knowledge with you!”

Professional Investments: Certified NLP Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Reiki Level I & II, Trauma Informed, MSc Business.


Still on the fence?

How does it work?

You join the program and get access to the portal where you will find the trainings.

Autumn 2023 intake – This program is running as a week-by-week program and you will get access to each of the modules as they are made available each week.

How long do I get access?

Autumn 2023 – Forever!! This is a beta round and as a thank you, you will get access to updates and the program grows.

Is the program live?

No, there are no live calls as such. All teach is done via the portal so you can fit the program around your busy life. However, as part of the program, there is a regular Q&A calls which you can join where I’ll be answering all the questions fom the community group.

What about access to the community?

Autumn 2023 – You will have access to the community for 6 months which will give you time to go through the program, ask questions and receive support from me and your fellow women.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. You can either pay in full which. is£297 or you can start today for £99 and pay the remaining two payments of £99 in 30 days and 60 days respectively.

My situation feels hopeless. This won't work for me.

Healing from codependency takes courage, but it is possible with the right support. Many felt the same hopelessness before experiencing dramatic positive shifts. The course gives you a judgment-free space to process past trauma, build self-worth and transform your relationships.

I worry this course will tell me to leave my relationship.

This course does not automatically encourage leaving relationships. The goal is to help you communicate needs effectively, set boundaries, and become less reactive and more grounded. You may choose to leave any abusive situations, but the course primarily empowers you with tools to build healthy dynamics.

How can a program compare to counselling?

While one-on-one counseling has benefits, not everyone has access or means. This program provides similar education and exercises in an accessible format. You can repeat and practice modules at your own pace. Use it as a supplement to individual counseling.

I don't have time for another self-help program.

We know you’re busy! The program is self-paced with short lessons so you can progress as you have time. Even small steps applied consistently can create big change. And healthier relationships impact all areas of life, freeing up mental energy.

I’m scared to go deep into my past!

That’s understandable. And while there is some deep work, when you sign up, you agree that you will be able to hold yourself while you do the processing of some big emotions. There will be some crying so bring tissues.

If you know you have any deeper issues like PTSD or trauma them please understand this program is for educational purposes only.

It is NOT designed to diagnose or treat any issues.

If at any time you feel you need more support, please contact your local crisis centre.

Once you have got help, please contact me about whether this program is still suitable.

Doors are closing on Sunday 10th September 2023

If you’re ready to experience the relationship of your dreams, now is the time to take that leap. No more waiting and hoping things will improve on their own – you hold the power to transform your love life!

Don’t miss this chance – Claim your spot today for ⅔ off.

Psst. This program will be £2,997 when out of beta. 

Autumn 2023 Enrolment Ends








Disclaimer: The content provided in this program is for general informational and educational purposes only. It should not be considered psychotherapy or used as a substitute for professional mental health counseling. The creator is not acting as your counselor or therapist.

While care has been taken in preparing the program materials, the creator does not guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of any information provided. It is your responsibility to evaluate the information given.

Participating in the program exercises or implementing any tools is done strictly at your own discretion and risk. Nothing in the program is intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any mental health or interpersonal issues. If you have significant relationship challenges, please seek help from a licensed mental health professional.

The creator is not liable or responsible in any way for any loss or damages directly or indirectly incurred by participating in this program or implementing any of its suggestions. Your progress depends on many individual factors.

Please use wisdom and always consult a professional expert as needed when implementing any relationship advice or techniques. This program is not a replacement for necessary psychological intervention.