What’s my definition of coaching?

Coaching is what you decide to get when you’re done with being the same as you were yesterday and you want to create a better future for yourself. It’s like reading a self help book but way faster! 

Why is coaching important?

Everything evolves and expands. It’s a natural law. You get to choose to stay the same or evolve and expand too. I mean, who wants to stay the same day in, day out?!

What got me into this field in the first place?

I knew I was capable of so much more. You are too, but you know that, don’t you? 

I wanted the thrive instead of staying in the same patterns and behaviours. I read a Tony Robbins book and I was hooked! 

What kind of (coaching) support do you wish you had when you were going through a crisis in the past?

I wish I knew how to use my mind, body and soul together instead of the fragmented way self development is taught.

Coaching is either about trauma and crisis or success. Life is a mix of both so you need the tools to navigate both. 

I also wished that I had a feminine coach to model because most coaches are men. We’re very different! 

What do you think should happen in a coaching conversation?

A breakthrough. Mindset, shifting emotions, connection with your true self. Deeper understanding of who you are, your behaviour and who you’re here to be fully. 

And tools and techniques to manifest your favourite version of you. 

What doesn’t have a place in a coaching conversation?

Bitching and moaning. When you commit to coaching, you’re committing to becoming your future self so don’t get stuck in the past. 

What do you think is the most effective approach to coaching, to create the results your clients need?

Presence and patience fuelled by excitement. 

How would you describe a coaching relationship?

Honest, open, friendly yet firm and guiding.