Feminine Business Mentoring

with Carolynne Alexander

 For women craving massive breakthroughs.

What is Feminine Business Mentoring?

I offer 1-to-1 mentoring for women who crave slowing down, re-sensitising after burnout and healing from the masculine hustle and push of business while building a supportive and nourishing business. 

It is centred around harmonising;

  • feminine intuition, self-trust, spiritual nature and business as an expression of your purpose, 

  • while also respecting the masculine business principles required to get paid for your gifts.

My mentoring suits you if;

  • You feel like you’re striving, pushing and hustling to maintain your business.

  • You feel disconnected from your feminine nature and want to explore a softer approach to life and business.

  • You want to express more of who you “be” instead of fitting yourself into a box to be understood.

  • You know you are here for a bigger purpose but you distrust your intuition.

  • You deeply desire to slow down, build a sustainable and nourishing business that you can take a break from without feeling like you’re falling behind.

    I work with women who are; 

    • Struggling to keep up with the pace of the business they have built.
    • Have recently thought about closing their business because they are burning out.
    • Over-giving, people-pleasing, blurring boundaries with clients, frustrated with charging too little and over working to keep the lights on.
    • Or those who are wanting to explore a more sustainable business model.


    Feminine Business Mentoring

    £5,999 for 12 weeks

    Payment plans are available

    Plus there is the option to add on agency services as required at a current client price.

     For women craving massive breakthroughs.

    The Details

    I have space for four women in my world at any one time to give you the experience you require.

    We work together for 12 weeks with 6 sessions.

    One session every two weeks that is 60-90 minutes.

    I deliberately split our session into the feminine energetics and masculine strategy so you receive everything you need. I will prompt you to which type of session (or a mix) you’ll have so you can prepare.

    Apply for Feminine Business Mentoring

    Updated Winter 2024 – I have space for three women.

    When you are ready to explore working together, please fill in the questionnaire so I can get to know you before our call.

    Our call is approx 30 mins and we’ll have a free and easy chat about your requirements and whether we click.

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