Heal your past to create your future

 For Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Burnout Babes 

Carolynne Alexander | Women's Success Coach

Hey, I’m Carolynne “Queenie” Alexander.
I help ambitious AF women heal their past to create an epic future.

The Sovereign Woman® Manifesto

Slaying imposted syndrome and lack of confidence in seconds because you have the tools.

Creating hamony and ease between your work life and your home life. Time for hobbies and time off, yes please!

Asking for and receiving help without guilt and finally trusting people to come through for you. Especially in your relationship. 

Overcoming perfectionism, fear of failure, second-guessing, and inability to move forward. Creating an exciting life again.

Holding compassionate yet firm boundries with loved ones, collegues and clients. “No” will be your new favourate word… without feeling guity. 

Prioritising self-care and untangling from the need to pour your vital energy into others first. No more relationship burnout.

Allowing yourself to be seen, heard and supported by those around you. Being fully self-expressed and embodied.

Hello, real you, we’ve been waiting.

Ways we can work together.

Life & Success Coaching

When you’re tired of giving your power away, you’re overwhelmed and ready to make a radical shift then it’s time for 1:1 coaching to build your life YOUR way.

Business Mentoring

When you’re tired of the hustle, overwhelm and on your way to burnout then get 1:1 coaching to build your business YOUR way.

Self-paced Courses & Programs

For women who want to learn to empower themselves through my self-led journeys at their own pace and at a time that suits them.

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