Behind the Glamour: The Real and Raw Side of Entrepreneurship

by Jan 15, 2024The Unseen Inner Work

Behind every High Performer, is something that no one wants to talk about.

… the tears on the daily after a failure

… the “why isn’t this working” after putting in So. Much. Work

… the inner 6-year-old that wants to throw a tantrum cos holding your shit together is tiring AF

… the self-doubt that erodes your self-esteem into a soppy puddle of mush

Entrepreneurship and creating is TOUGH.

(Whether you’re leading, the CEO or just starting)

It’s the toughest gig on the planet because we don’t just do the outer work… the personal development journey you put yourself through is hell. 

Carolynne Alexander | Shift your Inner Stuckness to Accelerate your Outer Success

The dream is sexy. I’m writing this from a cute coffee shop with a delicious cortado.

But what you don’t see is the 2 am “WTF am I doing” tears I shed last night.

Sure, we can all hustle and grind and put the work in.

That gets us off zero.

However, the relentless journey of becoming is endless.

I’ve worked with clients who say the same thing.

They’re battling demons that only a few will see.

→ Proving to their Dad that they DO have worth.

→ Overcoming poverty and small town/small minds.

→ Getting up after every failure when they’ve wiped out their savings.

→ Burning out, exhaustion, stress, time away from loved ones…


You can grind your way to a million but it’s the inner work that ensures you stay there and go beyond without killing yourself in the process.


You emulate the outer work but really, it’s the inner work that brings success.


For years, I followed the gurus and added more habits and BS to my plate.

I burnt out… physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (that was the toughest one!)

Until I learnt that the Unseen Work is the key to everything.

→ Deconditioning your past to create an outrageous future.

I’ve made it my mission to change the self-development industry from the inside out, literally, one person at a time.

Without the Unseen Work, you’re playing someone else’s game and we need YOU, 100% whole, unfiltered and ready to create a brand new reality.

Carolynne Alexander | Women's Coach

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