Why your inner hustle/girl boss is stopping you from having a six figure business

by Feb 6, 2024Soul & Higher Self, The Unseen Inner Work

Why your inner hustler/girl boss is stopping you from having six figures in your bank account right now.

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It’s Monday morning, and you’re scrolling through your phone for instant relief from your current reality and it’s not looking good.

You’ve just run your numbers, they’re stuck at the same as last week and you feel a slight tightness in your stomach.

You have a choice → Get sucked into the drama, OR know the secret to it ALL.

🔥 This is where the winners rise and the victims fall.


LEVEL ONE → The Victim

We’ve all been there.
She’s the whiney lil b!tch dragging herself down into the pit of despair. Sometimes you just need a nap and a litre of water. Sometimes you need to remember who the F you are and have a word with yourself.

When you get stuck here, you’re reacting to past/current circumstances instead of creating from future possibilities.


LEVEL TWO → The Hustler

Thinking you can outwork your problems. Enter the Hustle Bros and the Girl Bosses. Ahem, Alex Hormozi… (I love Alex, but go with me on this…)

If you can just put out another offer, another post, another podcast… then you’ll be ok. But hustling too long on the right things but with the wrong energy is gonna burn you out, kid. I can guarantee that.

Cos I’ve been there. It’s how I lost my web design agency to RSI. Wrecking your body to make money isn’t a good look.


LEVEL THREE → The Flow Master

You are sitting down to channel all your magic onto the page. Leaving nothing in the tank. Knowing you have served your clients from a place of knowing and absolute certainty that you’re co-creating magic with them.

If you’ve ever read Stealing Fire, it’s THAT zone.

Trusting and allowing what comes to you is absolutely the way for you to connect with your desires whether that’s a new level of income, a fine as F partner, or that vintage Porsche you’ve been eyeing up.

And that sounds sweet, right? But there’s another level…


LEVEL FOUR → The Universe

aka “How the F is she doing that?!”

✨The ULTIMATE state to be in.✨

Instant Alchemy. Merging with your desire. Dancing *as* the Universe.

Actively choosing a completely different reality (even when your physical reality is showing you something different).

Snapping into an “I’m that already” mentality cos you’ve already decided that it’s done. It’s just a matter of the world catching up.

BUT QUEENIE… Levels three and four are crazy talk for a Monday morning.

And you’re right… Your logical left brain loves to keep you safe and stuck in the familiar.

But when you open up to levels three and four, sh!t changes FAST. And you’ve gotta be ready.

That’s why in Get Paid to be YOU, we dive into regulating your nervous system aka your early warning system to stretch your safety zone into accepting your new reality.

And we flip your mind from logical left-brain thinking to creative right-brain expansion.

You will NOT find this level of healing, transformation, and manifesting in any other program.

The waiting list for your next season of success is opening soon.

Stay tuned.

It’s already done,
💃🏼 Queenie xx

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