If I was to do 2023 all over again…

by Jan 9, 2024The Unseen Inner Work

If 2024 is the year decide your life is worth more than playing small then this is exactly what I’d do.


Psst, this was my 2023 blueprint to rebuild myself from the ground up. (You might wanna save this, just saying) Let’s dive in… . . .


1. Get honest

Get honest that you’re not living up to any kinda legacy you’re proud of. Whether you realise it or not, people are watching your moves and are inspired by you. Give them a fricken SHOW! 

Decide that life right now is only a fraction of what’s possible for you and you know it.

→ Life is there to be experienced at the edge of possibility.


2. You are enough

Know deep in your bones that you are enough. Yup, work on upgrading your self worth. It’s the one thing that’s holding you back from deciding you deserve the very best in life. And anything less goes in the bin! You’re in charge, baby.

→ Hypnotherapy is a cheat code for this.


3. Be the Lighthouse

Get used to being a lighthouse. Folks are gonna start looking to you for leadership. It’s inevitable. It comes with the territory and you’ve gotta be ready for that. And you’ll also stand out as a target for haters. Haters are jealous folks with a bad attitude, ok?!

→ Learning when to join the Zero F*cks Club is the way to deal with haters. 


4. Fix your money mindset

Money will amplify your flaws. Get used to challenging your beliefs around money, wealth and investing. Money is energy that’s why we call it currency. However, it does not carry any emotional charge.

→ Being intentional not emotional with money will cut down on spending on BS AND detaching from a poverty mindset will instantly level you up with your cash.


5. Leverage your purpose

Same with leveraging your work. Get your ladder up against the right wall before you start climbing. You can keep pushing against the wrong door for years until you admit what you REALLY want to spend your time doing. 

→ Human Design and Gene Keys are a short cut.


6. Get real

Get real in your relationships with friends and loved ones. Get them to understand that you need help and support. Ask for what you need and be specific. Don’t get pissed off if they can’t help or won’t help. But let them know you value them considering helping.

→ People love to help others so allow them to help you.


7. Boundaries, baby!

Get some fricken boundaries!! Codependency, people pleasing and staying small are NOT a good look for you. Women, being empathetic to the detriment of your own success is BS.

→ Find where your energy is going and plug those holes pronto!!


8. Heal

Address your trauma and subconscious patterns. Oh Lordy, I wish I’d done this earlier but here we are. Find exactly what’s holding you back and befriend it. Once it’s conscious you can deal with it.

→ Shadows aren’t your enemy, they can be fun, but make sure you know they’re there.


9. Alchemise your moods

Learn to alchemise your moods and turn them into gold. The faster you recognise you’re heading down the spiral, the faster you can feel the emotion, allow it and then shift it. Tears are fine, but don’t attach meaning to them.

→ E-motion is energy in motion and all that jazz.


10. Aim for ease

Flow more. Allow more. Stop grasping at everything. Life works better when surrender to it instead of bossing it around. Controlling everything is for losers.

→ Stress is anti-living.


11. Hold your vision

And finally, hold your vision. Create a fricken masterpiece out of your life. Make your photo app explode with memories and “remember that time when we…” moments. All while you’re building something that impacts the world whether it’s 100 people or a billion people, you choose.

→ Your life is your masterpiece.


That’s a wrap. Save this as your blueprint for 2024. And if you don’t want to do it alone, you know where I am. 

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