Maybe we’re not meant to “fix” everything

by Apr 26, 2023The Unseen Inner Work

Maybe we’re not meant to “fix” everything about ourselves to fit into the world of business.

Maybe business can be another way. A softer way.

For every thought you have that “this isn’t for me” there is someone else feeling and thinking the same way.

The deep resonance they have for what you are radiating is what attracts them to you.

So maybe you being the same as everyone else in the business game is a disadvantage.

Maybe being you, in your energy, with your true power, shining brightly is the way for you and for them. Shining that light is the way.

You are the guide, the explorer, the leader… that turns around, leans back and grabs the hand of the one behind you.

Maybe everything you feel when you’re on social media, learning another tactic, paying to fit into the way everyone else is succeeding… isn’t really for you.

You body could be screaming for you to slow down and yet, you’re trying to keep up. The harder you run, the more tired you feel.

Until, the inevitable happens.

Burnout approaches you, blindsided, and knocks you to the ground. 

Then you have a choice.

To recupeate and get back into the arena.

Or to rebuild with a stronger foundation that doesn’t crumble.

I have tried both and I can tell you immediately which one worked.

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