The Fundamentals of Feminine Business

by Apr 23, 2023Soul & Higher Self

As we move into an increasingly hectic world, the feminine is being pushed and shoved harder to conform with the logic left brain business world.

The reality of running a feminine business is more about being fluid and harmonious. Blending the feminine energy of ease and flow with the logic drive of the masculine.

1. We slow down

Social media is fast. We’re about serving yourself first and serving from the overflow of your cup. Speed makes us think we don’t have time to serve ourselves first and your business is out priority. We’re flipping the script of that paradigm. We come first, always.

2. Resonance over attention

First we wanted attention and that was what the social media economy was built on. Then we went to relevancy due to the fact that attention was saturated. Now, we’re moving to the resonance economy. The energetics behind your business matter. We’re drawn to certain things via energetics and the resonance of what you’re creating. 

3. Harmony in the grey area

Not black and white thinking. Knowing which mode you are in and blending it. Polarisation isn’t for us. We’re a multiverse, not a political party vying for your vote. 

4. We’re all about the inviting the next move

Not pushing, attracting. It’s why direct response copy is so valuable for feminine business owners. When we invite, we lead and when we empower others to make that choice, we’re allowing them to be sovereign. 

5. We work in seasons and cycles

There is no pressure to show up every day. It’s why we have a sustainable business that exists outside of chronological based social media platforms. 

6. We show up not just turn up

We lead with our energy first instead of just going through the motions. 

7. We believe in the unseen

Energy doesn’t lie. 

8. We build legacies and we build sustainably

Sure, we can hop onto Twitter or Instagram but we think blog content first. And that’s why we’e going back to blogging and building our online home.

9. We heal our stuff

We come from a place of healing not protection and frustration. We’re not trying to change the world. We’re here to expand it. A place of alignment not wanting or needing.  

10. We have an abundance mindset

We seek expansion in everything we do. We attract the clients we love, not just numbers or volume. 

11. We lead and serve

Empower and co-create. We understand that we’re here to show the way and allow others to follow if they wish.

12. We’re both feminine and masculine

We can be soft and flowing, and focused and driven.

13. We’re building sanctuaries online

We can opt in and out of the social media world but we’re more about the invite into our world. 

14. We’re about having a strong personal brand that speaks when we’re not the in the room. 

Being known for what we do, not just known. Impact over influence.

Carolynne Alexander | Women's Coach


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