The Museletter – 10th August 2023

by Aug 14, 2023The Unseen Inner Work

Hey love,

There’s a lot of BS hanging around the self-help and women’s work industry.

I’m slightly embarrassed to even say I’m a coach some days.

Seriously, the amount of “goddessing” and floaty language is cringy AF.

I was listening to a podcast at the weekend about healing work.

And WOW, I had a hard time understanding what TF she was talking about.

She said a bunch of words from her “trademarked framework” with a load of spiritual speak she’d made up.

No wonder we’re all stuck and confused.

My response?


Give me simple and clear over complicated and clever any day.


I steadfastly stand against goddessing and BS’ing about self-development work.


1. It’s harmful to folks that need help.

2. It takes fricken forever to get results.

3. The results don’t last because the techniques aren’t rooted in tried and tested methodologies.

I’ve spent my life figuring this out (and spent a pretty penny on it too).


I don’t want that for you.

What I want for you is to get to the root cause of your stuckness.



→ The thing preventing you from moving forward with life is hidden in the root cause of your stuckness.


It’s not your mindset, it’s not your genius level, it’s not your morning routine, it’s not your fricken star sign, it’s not your lack of knowledge or any other BS you’ve Googled and read about.

You can either figure it out yourself, read more books, listen to another podcast OR you can get some help.

  • Get real help (not just a bunch of fancy-sounding words.)
  • Speed up the process (clearing the stuckness FAST!)
  • With proven techniques (real results. It’s science, bitches!)


Let me give you an example of how REAL COACHING works.

  • Your Surface Stuckness = Burnout – Can’t move forward, going around in circles, pushing harder…
  • Underlying Issue = You are allowing things into your life that don’t align with who you truly are or the future you wish to create.

(This is where most coaches stop and give you some BS about self-love and meditation)

  • Real Stuckness = People pleasing, repeating fawning behaviour to keep everyone happy.
  • The Opposite of your Real Stuckness = Boundary setting.
  • Root Cause = Codependency from your childhood from cPTSD
  • Fix = Nervous system regulation and trauma clearing


Ok, real talk time…

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I’ve made a LOT of changes to what I do.

That’s because I’ve been healing while I deal with a whole bunch of stuff.

I wanted to make sure that I was ready to help you while staying in integrity.

Meaning → I wasn’t going to teach or coach what I haven’t healed in myself.


I cleared up my side of the street before helping you to do the same.


I am NOT messing about when I say that I have healed my sh!t.

And I want the same for you.

So if you have tried everything. Mindset, spirituality, read all the books.

And you’ve pushed harder and said “Tomorrow, I’ll be better”.

You’re constantly burning out, feeling out of control, even feeling hopeless.


You have to realise that you’re not in the driving seat.


Your stuckness is hidden and I’m here to help you dig it out.

30 minutes with me and you’ll come away with a new understanding of the root cause of your stuckness and practices to remedy your stuckness.

Not only that, but I’ll listen to you, and give you a bespoke solution, not a cookie-cutter framework with fluffy Goddess speak 😉


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